The magazine of IMICOR International Business Club

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Briefly about the magazine


Among the numerous publications on finance, marketing and development highlighted the “Brand Power” business magazine. Without any doubt, can say that this is the only magazine for top-managers and businessmen, which is fully disclose the theme of a strong brand and marketing, company and person development and also addresses the issues of modern business development and the partnership power.

The magazine is published since 2010 and during this time period managed to become popular among the Russian and foreign businessmen. The popularity of the publication can be judged by the fact that, in the light of the IMICOR International business club, the “Brand Power” business magazine was noted on the pages of the Golden jubilee issue of the influential publication called «Your business» in October 2012. Also in the summer of 2011 Sir Richard Branson (the founder of the Virgin Company) blessed the edition. In October 2012, this influential businessman was invited by Nina Karelina (IMICOR group of companies) to become the columnist and continuously cooperate with the magazine.

The “Brand Power” business magazine is an official printing body of the IMICOR Business club, which sets targets for the development of the businessmen’ personality, as well as the establishing effective cooperation in the sphere of partnership and investments. In addition, the International Club tries to establish cooperation between business, authorities and society. For these invited people, who occupies important posts and can make responsible decisions.


PR-platform and advertising


Even the best business magazines in Russia do not provide such a powerful PR-tool, as the “Brand Power”. To publish the materials of your work on the pages of the magazine means to assert yourself to the world business community. It’s a great chance to improve the strength of your brand, find new partners and investors, to enhance the personal status. To this moment, this beautiful business magazine has already given an opportunity to tell about their activities to such large companies as VITEK, TI Systems, NEOKON, as well as the Imperial porcelain factory and the Moscow State University.




In the edition were already published the materials of well-known figures of politics, science, culture and business. Among them are the following people:
David Smallbone (an expert on the development of small and medium-sized businesses);
Garrett Johnston (a consultant of the General Director of X5 Retail Group on strategic development);
Verne Harnish (an expert of start-Ups development and a President of the Gazelles Inc. company);
Vladimir Medinskiy (a Deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, a Professor of the MGIMO University);
Mikhail Khazin (a State adviser of the Russian Federation, the head of the «NEOKON» expert consulting company);
Sergey Vykhodtcev, (a President of the VELLE company, a Creator of the «Bystrov» brand);
Alexander Sazanovich (a Professor of the MIRBIS higher school).




The target audience of the edition is people who have a certain power and can take important decisions: top-managers, General Directors and the members of the «Congress of millionaires». You can familiarize with the content not only in printed form, but also have the ability to read business magazine in online form - all materials are published on the resource The publication is distributed in the following places:
Moscow business-centers of A, B, B+ class;
«COSMOS» Air-terminal Complex (Vnukovo-3);
«Premier Avia Group» Air-Terminal Complex  (Sheremetyevo);
Center Of Business Aviation «АВКОМ» (Domodedovo);
Hall of the first and business class «UTG Travel Club» (Domodedovo);
«GAZPROMAVIA» Business terminal (Оstafievo);
Business events organized by the IMICOR group of companies;
«Sapsan» high-speed trains, direction: «Nizhniy Novgorod - Moscow - Nizhniy Novgorod» and «Moscow - Saint-Petersburg - Moscow»;
International long-distance trains (European direction);
Press kiosks;
Stands in restaurants and 5-star hotels;
Section on exhibitions and conferences;
Key Universities of the country;
Personally into the hands of representatives of the target audience (by the «COMVAY» postmen);
Courier or personal delivery at the meetings of the IMICOR business club;


Russia and abroad


“Brand Power” is a business magazine, which can be read not only in Russia, but also in other States. Today the edition’s partners publish and distribute it in fifteen countries of the world, as a rule, among the target audience and participants of the «Congress of millionaires». The magazine has a circulation of 21 000 copies in Russian, 1 000 copies in English, Chinese, French, German and Spanish. It allows to cover not only Russian businessmen, but also foreign. Publishing materials about your company in the business magazine, you will automatically present yourself to potential foreign partners and investors, as well as strengthening your position on the world financial market.

The volume of edition is 128 pages and it’s published once a month. Format of full color pages is A5.